New Sanctuary

I’ve been at New Sanctuary on Tuesday nights for the last few weeks. I plan on keeping on for the foreseeable future. Check out this story on one of the organizers, and feel free to reach out if you are interested in volunteering. Lawyers and non-lawyers are needed.

“Papers Please” but without the please.

I am thrilled at the idea of US Citizens en mass exercising their rights and resisting CBP/ICE. However, if you decided to do something like this, understand that you are thwarting the perceived legal authority of an organization that has never had real oversight, and has been emboldened by the […]

The 2017 Poetic Address to the Nation

So thrilled to be a part of this project! I won’t be able to be at the reading, but my sonnet about New Sanctuary will be read by one of these amazing people. If you are in the Bay, you should be going.

Emergency Preparedness for Families

If you work with parents that are worried about what will happen to their children if they are detained, please come to this event. There will be a lot of great information and opportunities to speak with lawyers working in immigration and family law. If you are unable to attend, […]

Building a Better Affidavit

While it carries a unique legal significance, an affidavit is still just a story. To be effective, it has to engage its reader. And while they carry a unique legal authority, a judge or asylum officer is just a person. Their opinion of a story is affected by the same […]

This is about 10 years old…and the use of Jetson-esque cartoons are really offensive…but the information itself is a good representation of why the question “they should just immigrate legally” is only said by people who have no understanding of the Immigration system.