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Posted on Jun 16, 2013 in Visuals

Elizabeth Radford: Making Geometry Sexy

Elizabeth Radford: Making Geometry Sexy

“Facing the Light” by Elizabeth Radford

Every time I meet someone who says, “Oh I was never really good at math. I was more of an artistic type”, I just want to punch things.

Setting up this ridiculous dichotomy between the analytical and the creative is one of the most detrimental things humanity has ever done to itself. There, I said it.

Math and art have EVERYTHING to do with one another. Case in point: Elizabeth Radford.

I met Elizabeth Radford when we were both in high school, attending a sleep away camp for nerds. She was a bad ass then and remains one today. After studying mathematics in college, she decided the logical extension of this passion was to take it to the (often really really big) canvass.

Check out more of her stuff here.